“How can I make my Forex trading more profitable and easier?”

– This question is asked by most traders whose main goal is profit.

The NPB Invest platform was created precisely to solve such problems. It is used by both novice traders and market professionals.

Broker NPBFX, developer and owner of the platform, has been operating in the financial markets since 1996. Thanks to its vast experience, the company managed to introduce functionality at the software level that covers the key needs of traders of various categories and guarantees a high level of security.

And the manufacturability and intuitive interface makes the NPB Invest platform easy to use. NPB Invest service became the winner in the Most Intelligent Solution Provider 2020 nomination, which is prestigious in the industry niche of trading. But first things first.

We present to your attention an overview of this service. You will receive answers to questions about how the platform works, how traders and investors earn money here, and how you can become a user.

What is copying trades

Copying trades is a special type of Forex trading with automated interaction processes in which the provider of trades and one or more recipients (followers) are involved.

In practice, the essence of copying transactions is as follows: a professional trader (Provider) opens access to his trading account, allowing his investors (Followers) to automatically copy transactions, whose accounts are connected to his trading account.

What are the advantages of NPB Invest over other copy services

NPB Invest service is progressive in its segment. It takes into account the disadvantages of market counterparts, and a powerful technological base makes it possible to implement any trading strategies for 100+ trading instruments of NPBFX.

The platform software allows you to copy transactions not only with traditional Forex currency pairs, but also transactions with precious metals, oil, cryptocurrency, world stock indices and stocks. In addition, there is a specially created bonus program available to both investors and traders. But that’s not all the differences.

With NPB Invest you can:

  • Make money even on unprofitable trades. All that is required is to seize the opportunity to make such losing trades profitable by simply copying them in the opposite direction.
  • Forget about commissions. There are no brokerage commissions on the NPB Invest service for concluding transactions, and in addition, there is the possibility of replenishing an account without charging a commission (for example, replenishment with plastic cards or using electronic transfers).
  • Get instant order processing speed. The company made sure that the processing of orders took place in the shortest possible time – the servers are located in New York, in a data center that is one of the top best centers in the world, Equinix NY4. It should be noted that the same data center is used by such major global stock exchanges as NYSE and NASDAQ. This guarantees no delay and instant order processing speed.
  • Be confident in safety. NPBFX is a company with successful banking experience (1996-2016), the broker is a member of the Financial Commission, which guarantees payments of up to 20,000 euros in case of disputes arising and confirming.

What opportunities NPB Invest gives to novice traders

Investing in the strategies of professional traders is a good opportunity for beginners to earn their first capital in the market without fear of losing money due to lack of experience or fear of failure.

It is also a good opportunity to gain new experience by observing how the professionals in their field conduct transactions. Moreover, copying transactions minimizes the emotional burden on a novice trader, which means there is less chance of succumbing to panic or worries.

By copying traders’ trades, regardless of your personal trading experience, you get the following benefits as an investor:

  • The ability to earn money without wasting your own time and nerves;
  • Additional profit in parallel with your own trading;
  • No need for independent market analysis;
  • The ability to customize the Provider’s deals and control over your own account.

What are the criteria for choosing an account for copying trades? Is there any rating?

Yes, the functionality of the NPB Invest service provides investors with a choice of trading accounts according to various criteria. The rating is created in accordance with the possible requirements of investors. The data is provided in such a way that you can quickly choose the most suitable trader for your parameters.

Rating filtering is available by several criteria:

  • Total account growth,
  • Account age,
  • Average monthly profit,
  • Number of points,
  • Maximum drawdown and its period,
  • Recommended minimum and percentage of profitable trades.

As a Follower, what changes can I make to the trades I copy

Each follower can select the following settings when copying a strategy to his trading portfolio.

  • Fixed trade volume – all trades for this strategy will be opened with the size selected by the investor.
  • Percentage of the total balance – the ability to choose how much of the account will be used for trading this strategy.
  • Proportional lot is a parameter that allows you to set up an individually proportional trade size ratio. For example, make sure that the transaction is copied five times less than that of the Provider.
  • Additional advanced settings (fixed stop loss and take profit, forced exit and stop, worst deviation, limiting the number of simultaneous trades, inverted trading, minimum and maximum lot, copying open trades at the best price or “as is”).

It is also possible to automatically select settings when adding strategies to the portfolio.

If I decide to become a supplier, what remuneration will I receive?

Upon reaching high positions in the rating, the Provider begins to receive income from the transactions of all its Followers. In fact, such income is a commission from the turnover of each closed transaction of the Follower, it is determined by the company and is paid daily.

Have you been trading in the market for a long time? Do you have your own proven trading strategy? Try yourself as a provider of NPB Invest deals and earn even more with every follower of your trading account! You can increase your monthly income several times by trading in exactly the same way as on your personal account.

I want to register as a Follower / Provider with NPB Invest. What should I do for this

Registration on the NPB Invest service is available in just a few minutes:

  1. Creation of a personal account. If you already have a personal account on the NPBFX broker’s website, use this login information.
  2. If you have not previously had a personal account at NPBFX, you need to fill in basic information about yourself – name, surname, pseudonym and phone number.
  3. After registration, you can become both a Supplier and a Follower at the same time. In the first case, it is necessary

Important! To connect as a Provider, your account history must have more than 50 transactions or the average income must be more than 3 points.

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