Introduction To Forex Trading

Introduction To Forex Trading

Do you want to learn how to trade Forex?

Great. Well, that’s a good start.

Because most novice traders don’t realise they need training. You do, and here you are, looking at starting The Complete Guide to Forex Trading, the online Forex trading guide that teaches you how to trade Forex.

Forex IS challenging. Did you know there’s a 95% failure rate for new traders? Sadly, it’s true.

Trading Forex may be the most challenging thing you’ll ever do. That’s why we created The Complete Guide to Forex Trading online guide for people just like you.

We believe it is possible, with commitment, for anyone to become a successful Forex Trader, and we are here to show you how. With our Complete Guide to Forex Trading, we have made it easy for you to learn.

The life of a Forex trader, just starting, can seem confusing and frustrating. How do you know what to do and what not to do? And how do you know when you are making progress?

Throughout the guide, we don’t use the gobbledygook of Forex jargon spoken by many of the Forex teachers online?

In our view, we think you deserve the best, and you shouldn’t have to decipher what you are reading.

We believe in keeping things simple, and so we wrote a guide for you to enjoy.

The Complete Guide to Forex is written in an uncomplicated way so that you’ll find it easy to read and understand. From Chapter to Chapter, you will always feel that you are making progress towards getting started as a Forex trader.

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What will you learn?
Following this guide
What will you learn?

What Will You Learn In This Forex Guide?

In this guide, you will discover what Forex is and, just as importantly, you’ll learn what Forex isn’t.

You may already know how easy it is to set up a trading platform, and you could trade within moments of depositing your money into a Forex Broker account.

But, to do this without the foundations of Forex training would be foolhardy.

In the Complete Guide to Forex Trading, you will learn how to be ahead of 95% of Forex traders. You will learn how to avoid burn out from frustration. You’ll know how to protect your capital, and you’ll have the tools for mastery of Forex trading.

You’ll learn the Forex lingo. We break it down into simple speak.

We share recommended brokers with you, and we teach you how brokers work. You’ll have peace of mind about where to deposit your money, and by the end of the guide, you will know how to find a reputable broker, AND you’ll be able to spot a dodgy, unregulated broker.

We disassemble the seemingly complex subject of Forex leverage. We teach you about leverage, what it is and whether you should use it.

You’ll learn the difference between a pip, a point and a tick, and you’ll become familiar with currency pairs by understanding how they work relative to the Forex market.

You’ll take a deep dive into Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis, so you know the difference between the two, allowing you to make an informed decision about which Forex analysis suits you best.

We have a whole chapter dedicated to risk management. This crucial aspect of Forex often gets overlooked by novice traders. But risk management can mean the difference between success and failure. You will know EXACTLY how to manage your risk and in simple terms.

Assessing and managing risk means you develop the skill to choose ONLY the best Forex trades to take, which increases your probability of more winning trades.

We’ll explain the different types of Forex orders. You will know when to take an instant market order and when to set a pending order. To a novice trader, this subject may appear complicated, but we make it as easy as possible for you to learn.

When you start on your Forex trading journey, you won’t know where to set your profit targets nor where to place your stop-loss.

If you don’t know yet, a stop-loss reduces the potential amount of money you could lose if the market goes against your trade.

We’ll explain what to look for and how to manage your trades so you can gain the best payoff for the least risk.

You’ll learn how to use an economic calendar and understand exactly which financial statements cause massive volatility in the Forex market.

We’ll teach you how to install the MT4 trading software and guide you around the MT4 platform. You can then get started trading without worrying about what all the buttons do.

Towards the end of the guide, we give you FIVE of the most popular, successful Forex strategies. The in-depth strategies are easy to understand and implement. With a choice of five, you can select one or two that you prefer.

We explain the benefits of starting trading with a demo account, and we teach you best practices to prepare you for live trading.

Within a short time, you will know how to recognise when you are ready to upgrade to a live trading account, trading real money.

This guide provides the core foundations for everything you need to know about Forex.

Following this guide

Will This Guide Enable You To Start Forex Trading?

At the end of this guide, you are ready to start your Forex Trading career.

You will know more than most traders EVER know.

We prepare you to succeed, and then it’s over to you. But, you can revisit The Complete Guide to Forex Trading as often as you need.

Whether you want to create extra income or become a professional Forex Trader, The Complete Guide to Forex Trading will become your online Forex bible.

The guide is easy to read and informative, but it’s light-hearted too.

We don’t use jargon-speak, and we promise we never talk down to you.

We have all been where you are right now.

If you are serious about becoming a successful Forex trader, then this is the guide for you. After all, you deserve to have the best Forex education possible, don’t you?