If you want to open a demo account, then this step-by-step instruction for connecting a demo account for trading on the exchange is for you.

Why do you need a demo account at all?

Demo is short for demonstration. Those. you will be able to conduct trading operations as close as possible to real conditions, but with virtual money, without investing your own funds.

For beginners, a demo account allows you to:

  • Try trading in principle;
  • Study the operation of trading terminals: understand how orders are placed and how analytical tools work;
  • Choose the most understandable trading terminal for yourself;
  • Test different trading strategies.

Experienced people can use a demo account to evaluate the work of the broker:

  1. Explore a set of tools;
  2. See the order execution speed;
  3. Compare the capabilities and convenience of different trading terminals;
  4. Test your trading strategies on historical data.

And this is in the complete absence of the risk of losing funds.

Installing a demo version of the QUIK trading terminal

Let’s start with the QUIK trading platform. Press the button “Open online”. A form for filling out an application opens: name, surname, email and phone number. Attention! Phone number and contact details must be real! You will have to confirm your phone number, for this you will need to enter the code from the SMS. Instructions and invoice data will be sent to your email address.

After that, you will receive an informational message that the broker’s consultants will contact you. Next, you need to check your mail. A letter with instructions is waiting for you there. Following the link in the letter, you will be taken to the trading systems distributions page.

According to the instructions, download the QUIK JUNIOR DEMO distribution kit. In the meantime, the terminal is loading, download files with electronic keys from the letter.

So, the distribution kit is in your folder. Click on it. The well-known program installation wizard opens, which works according to an understandable scheme: it requires the user to simply sequentially press the “Agree”, “Next”, “Next”, “Finish” buttons. The program is installed, a shortcut appears on the desktop.

To make it work, you need to activate the program keys. Do it according to the instructions from the letter – copy the two downloaded key files to the specified folder: C: Open_Broker_QUIK_Junior Keys.

After the program is installed, simply click on the downloaded file. It opens and prompts you to enter the password from the letter. Connection established! You can start testing the terminal!

Installing MetaTrader5

For MetaTrader5, go through all the operations with registration and authorization via SMS in the same way as for the QUIK trading terminal. But then you need to select the Meta Trader 5 trading terminal, click “Open Online” and fill out the registration form that opens. Then confirm the phone number via SMS. Yes, a real phone number must be specified for this. Email must also be up-to-date – further instructions will be sent to it. Next, you need to check your mail: it has already received a letter with instructions

The link from the letter will take you to the distributions page. Download the distribution kit for the market you need: derivatives, stock or foreign exchange. The distribution kit downloads very quickly. To install the program, just click on it. A standard installation wizard opens, requires you to tick the box agreeing to the rules, and then click the “Next” button. Installation begins. After finishing the installation of the program, it opens immediately. Click “Next” – a request for the MetaTrader 5 login and password will appear. You just need to enter the password from the letter into the form and click “Finish”. Works! And that is all. Demo terminals QUIK and MetaTrader5 are open for you. Try, watch and test.

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