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A lot of buzz is circulating in the financial and technology space over cryptocurrencies. Whether or not you’re bullish on investing in bitcoin and altcoins, it would still be wise to invest in learning more about the space. Particularly fascinating is the underlying technology of decentralized systems and blockchains (an ingenious platform that allows digital information to be distributed but not copied or modified).

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If all goes to plan, this technology will fundamentally transform everything from financial markets, to social communication, to developer tools. Every part of society has the potential to be impacted by this new model for building products and for distributed ownership. And, as consumers in this digital age, we will have a front-row view of the disruption.

The most pressing question is no longer whether this technology has the potential to have an impact . . . we are well past that point. The questions entrepreneurs need to be asking now are: When will this technology come to the masses? When will we be able to reap the benefits? And how long will it be until governments change their policies to follow this new model?

While progress is inevitable, the implementation of blockchains into everyday systems remains uncertain. Implementation, in fact, is dependent on a number of factors, both internal and external.

Luckily, there are plenty of brilliant engineers and founders building today’s cryptocurrency companies for the future. Here, I’ve compiled a list of 10 cryptocurrency companies that should be on your radar.

1. Javvy

Javvy brings an extremely secure (not web-based), easy-to-use cryptocurrency exchange and wallet to the market. It is essentially eliminating the need to have several unsecured web accounts and giving you everything you need to buy, sell and use your crypto in just a few clicks.

Javvy’s corporate philosophy prioritizes security while understanding that ease of use is paramount to the user. In a global economy, with millions of transactions happening every second, a platform like Javvy will be crucial, to securely and conveniently handle these transactions.

2. Divi Project

Divi Project is a consumer-oriented platform and user interface that aims to make the process of having a “smart wallet” easier. Sending money between users is as easy as typing in a friend’s email or username.

This platform is a prime example of what a future crypto-world might look like. In order for cryptocurrency to pick up massive adoption in the long run, a variety of use cases and value propositions is necessary. With these in place, Divi is in a good position to deliver a better smart wallet and payment interface.

3. Stream Token

Stream Token is a newly announced decentralized, blockchain-based token that gives content creators the ability to easily monetize their work. For years, creators have struggled with monetization, and have been unfairly left out of valuable deals.

4. Monetha

Monetha, built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, is an efficient, globally trusted payment solution for merchants. Monetha supports you across a number of channels — including ecommerce, mobile and retail locations.

Most important, it gives the buyer the ability to see transparent reviews from past transactions on the chain. In a decentralized system like Monetha, every player in the ecosystem will be held to a higher degree of accountability. This makes the overall system more secure, as the power is decentralized, rather than put into the hands of a single entity.

5. Shapeshift

Shapeshift‘s cryptocurrency exchange is extremely easy to use — you don’t even need an account. Simply choose the coins you’d like to exchange and input your payment method, and you get magic!

With no fees, no sign-in and real-time updates, Shapeshift’s lightweight platform is definitely one to watch. Its simple approach is great for users just getting into the crypto world, as it has eliminated the hassle inherent in most other systems.

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6. Bancor

The Bancor protocol allows you to develop built-in price discovery and a liquidity mechanism for tokens built on top of smart-contract blockchains. This concept of “continuous liquidity” gives users greater freedom and more options with reduced price volatility.

There are many interesting use cases of this technology, one of the most important being the notion that businesses can create complementary currencies for their services.

7. SpectroCoin

SpectroCoin is another free and easy-to-use bitcoin exchange and wallet for your cryptocurrency funds. It works in over 150 countries and with 30 of the most popular currencies. SpectroCoin gives you a physical debit card that you can use at over 30 million ATMs worldwide. It also offers a platform for merchants that allows them to accept bitcoin online and in person.

8. Coinbase

Having raised over $200 million in venture capital, Coinbase is one of the largest and most promising startups in the crypto space. It is perhaps the most popular platform for buying and selling the world’s top-traded cryptocurrencies. Coinbase’s platform is supported in more than 30 countries and has handled over 10.9 million customers, to date.

9. Bitpagos

Bitpagos is on a mission to transform Latin American financial services into a world-class, digitally powered system. It has created a suite of tools and platforms that enable entrepreneurs and consumers in that part of the world to build on top of blockchains and support the expansion of bitcoin. There is far less competition in the technology space in Latin America than there is in the United States, giving this company a massive advantage.

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10. Circle

Circle‘s goal is to make sending money anywhere in the world as easy as sending a text message to a friend (and just as fun, too!). With a few taps, you can create a group or send money directly to friends. There are no fees.

Circle has built an easy-to-use, instant system for sending and receiving money from friends and family. It will be interesting to see how its product evolves and competes in this crowded space.

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