Over the past three decades, the world of trading and investing has regularly undergone major changes. Back in the early 90s of the XX century, financial markets were for the most part accessible only to large players: banks, transnational corporations, investment funds, etc. But every year there are more and more private traders and investors. So in China, their number has already exceeded 180 million. Both the accessibility of markets and the emergence of new instruments that facilitate access to them contribute to the growth of private investment. We asked the experts of the financial company Alpari to talk about the prospects for the development of this area of ​​the world economy. 

Private investment is indeed one of the most important destinations in the world. The fact is that tens and hundreds of millions of today’s private investors are by no means financial geniuses or even professional financiers. No, these are the most ordinary people who think about how to ensure a reliable and stable future for themselves. Moreover, this idea, in principle, is nothing new. In the West, for example, people have long been deciding where to invest their retirement savings. In the CIS, the habit of just waiting for the onset of retirement is still in effect. At the same time, it is almost impossible to find a person who is satisfied with the size of his pension. That is why the possibility of private investment is so important for our region. 

Alpari has always understood this. The mission of the company from the first day of its existence was to organize a community of independent and financially independent people and provide them with opportunities to automate income. That is why in 2008 the international brand was the first to create the PAMM service, which allowed everyone to receive income in the financial market without trading on their own. However, this was only the beginning. 

The client opens an investment account and replenishes it with a comfortable amount. Then he selects the so-called “Provider” (supplier of transactions). As a rule, this is a well-known and successful trader, whose transaction history is open and available for study, whose profitability and risk are acceptable to the investor. The client enables automatic copying of trades using the Alpari CopyTrade service. This is where the client’s participation in trading ends. The system itself copies the Provider’s transactions to the investor’s account with automatic calculation of the Provider’s profit share in case of its successful activity. 

Of course, the client has complete control over his money and personal account. Funds are in the investor’s account and are not transferred to other accounts. At any time, he can stop copying, close positions, withdraw funds and close the account, or simply change the supplier of transactions. 

We are convinced that the level of freedom of action for private investors will grow every year. The role of financial companies such as Alpari will be to create new, more interesting, profitable and easy-to-use services. And we will do our best to make our services as convenient as possible for our clients.

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